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Monday, 13 February 2012





It was at 10am on Monday 15th of February, 1932, that 2CH first went to air, broadcasting at 1210 on the AM radio dial. The station was owned by The NSW Council of Churches, the CH in the name standing for Church. Hence, the very first program on 2CH that day was the broadcast of a service from the Pitt Street Congregational Church. At 7pm that night, Lord Mayor of Sydney, Alderman F. Walder, declared 2CH officially open.

2CH became a part of the AWA network of radio stations just over a year after it first went to air in February of 1932. First owners of the 2CH radio licence, the NSW Council of Churches, found the day to day running of a radio station outside their area of expertise. They entered into an agreement with AWA to run the station but set aside air time for religious programs. This arrangement continues today although the licence was sold to current owner, John Singleton, in April 1994.

Home to 2CH from 1939 to 1985 was the famous AWA Building at 45-47 York Street, Sydney. This 15 storey, art deco building, with the distinctive white Eiffel-shaped radio tower on top, was the tallest structure in Sydney until the 1960’s.  2CH was located on the building’s top floor.  The station moved again in 1985 to premises at 33 Berry Street in North Sydney, and then, as part of the integration with The Macquarie Radio Network in 1996, to Sussex Street, Sydney. Most recently it relocated in 2003 to its current home of 33 Saunders Street, Pyrmont.

The slogans that have gone along with the changing on air sound of 2CH have been many and varied. ‘The Happy Sound In Radio”, Nice & Easy”, “Your Favourite Album Station”, “Good Music”, “The Real Sound of Radio”, “The Gentle Alternative”, “Turn to a Friend”& “Delivering the Goods”. And the 2CH station logo has changed over time too, from incorporating the AWA radio tower to a microphone, a number plate and most recently the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge over the ‘H’ in 2CH.

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