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Welcome to the October 2CH newsletter

Hello and welcome to our 2CH newsletter for this month.

The month just passed has been a busy one for us with the focus very much on developing our playlist in response to the comments you make via our website.  The suggestions you have, the criticisms and the requests genuinely assist us with our planning and scheduling and we encourage you to stay in touch.   The success of 2CH over the years would not have been anywhere as big as it has been without your continued input.  The longer you listen, the more we like it and so we encourage you always to tell us what you think.

Promotionally we’ve been busy, giving away holidays, stays at the wonderful Raddison Five Star Boutique Hotel here in Sydney, weekly win at work prizes for businesses that keep 2CH turned on, movie tickets, DVDs, CDs and so much more.  At 2CH we like as many people as possible to be winners, so our philosophy tends to be to give away a large number of small but valuable prizes, rather than one big prize every now and then.  Of course there are exceptions and the $5,000 Secret Sound is one of those.  We get such a good response to this promotion and around about now, we’ll be giving you even more chances to win, by accepting entries on line.  Remember, you can hear the sound as often as you like, any time you like, via our website 2ch.com.

One thing we know from experience is that our listeners love to travel.  Recently, our major travel sponsor hosted a delightful lunch for well over 100 of our listeners and together we re-lived some of the wonderful experiences you have had with us travelling all over the world.  Shortly, Mardi Cole will travel away to China with a team of 2CH listeners, next year we have a trip to the Mediterranean with George Ilich, and I will be hosting our 36th Elvis Anniversary Tour to the United States.  Mardi's tour is sold out, however details on next year's holiday experiences are available via our website, 2ch.com.

But as always, our number one priority is our music.  Your greatest memories, always available via 1170 2CH on the AM radio dial, on crystal clear stereo digital radio and via the internet.  Our goal is to play as many of the songs you know and love, as much as we can, and with minimal interruption.

Thank you for subscribing to our monthly newsletter and by all means, feel free to tell your friends about the music we play at 2CH.

Kind regards

Ian Holland