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The Phrase That Pays

What is The Phrase that Pays?!

That’s easy! The answer is.. "the songs you know and love!"

To WIN $100 CASH, simply register here and when we call, remember to tell us that the phrase that pays is.. "the songs you know and love!"

Those six words can win you cash.. It’s that easy! 

Any program across the day could call you, including Magic Breakfast, Mornings, Afternoons or Drive time!

Magic Minute

The best way to wake up in the morning is with Magic2CH Breakfast, the songs you know and love.

Each weekday morning we’re giving you the chance to play the $500 Magic Minute.

Listen in each morning at 8:20am...10 questions, 60 seconds and the chance to $500...

$500 Magic Minute on Magic2CH 8.20am Weekdays.


Afternoon Requests

Weekday afternoons on 2CH, join Johnny Young to hear your favourite songs, literally.

Afternoon Requests is your chance to tell us what songs to play and why you want to hear them.

You could be on air with Johnny Young doing the introductions, plus you can send a cheerio and give your business a plug.

And just by playing your songs on air with Johnny, you’re instantly in the draw to win your place at Johnny’s monthly dinner at the beautiful Gemelle Italian Restaurant, 79 Bathurst Street, Liverpool.